Ceto and Associates – a management consulting firm

Founded in 1994, Ceto and Associates is a highly respected and nationally recognized management consulting firm in the financial industry. Ceto and Associates works closely with banks, savings banks and credit unions, and specializes in developing and deploying solutions that focus on increasing profitability through initiatives that maximize revenue, reduce expense and improve organizational performance and efficiency.

For more than 20 years, Ceto and Associates has earned the trust and increased the profitability of more than 1,500 financial institutions in all 50 states and Canada.  Ceto and Associates places the needs of each and every client in the forefront and designs solutions that best fit their unique culture, goals, market and objectives.

Low interest rates, margin compression, and recent legislation and regulatory actions, among many other challenges, have created a new environment in which financial institutions will have to revise strategies and practices to increase profitability and to ensure financial stability. Given the opportunity, Ceto and Associates can create strategies and solutions that will accelerate your earnings and capital accumulation for the long-term with less credit, interest rate and market risks.